Promise of Sweetness

In this body of work, I'm questioning the idea of "instant gratification." By revisiting a happy memory, instead of relying on contemporary narratives of happiness and sweetness, I revisit a personal happy memory and ask myself: what made me feel so good and so instantaneously? Using a similar lens of happiness and sweetness, I invite others to do the same.

In Search of Sweetness, 2022

Polaroid and bagasse, 6 x6 x 1 inches

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Untitled (Fragmented Memories), 2021

Sugar, rock, acrylic box, 11.5 x 11 x 8 inches

Fragmented Memory (The Impact), 2022

Sugar glass, collaboration

Promise of Sweetness (The Start), 2022

Seeds, bagasse paper, digital photography, variable dimensions

Untitled (Sweet Memory), 2022

Brown unrefined raw sugar, digital photography, paper

Promise of Sweetness (The Journey), 2022

Polaroid photographs, graphite

La Sierpe, 2022