El Bosque de Qualtron

El Bosque de Qualtron (Qualtron’s forest). - Qualtron was the name of a computer parts manufacturing company that went bankrupt after 20 years in business. I found an inherent beauty in the abandoned parts and created a forest out of the 100% man-made materials giving them a second life. Every sculpture represents something from nature, an animal, a tree, water, etc. or memory from Honduras. 

New sculptures Qualtron II


Cascadas Floreada
Flowered Waterfall 
Stainless steel and aluminum plates 
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Tree under construction Self portrait Nadia Martinez

Árbol en Construcción / Auto-Retrato 
Tree Under Construction / Self-portrait 
Microchips and wire

Cataratas A Nadia Martinez

Cataratas A  
Waterfall A 
Stainless steel and aluminum plates 

Enredadera de Luz, Nadia Martinez

Enredaderas de Luz
Entangling Light
Circuit Boards and LED Lights
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Telas de Arana Nadia Martinez

Tela de Arañas
Spider webs
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Todos Para Uno y Uno Para Todos, Nadia Martinez

Todos Para Uno y Uno Para Todos 
All For One and One For All
Microchips and wire

Nadia Martinez Dormilonas

Mimosa Pudica
Wire, connectors

Los Comunicadores 
The communicators 
Gold plated Connectors, stone clay 

Seguimos Conectándonos  
We continue to connect 
Wire  and plastic

Viento Estrellado Nadia Martinez

Viento Estrellado 
Starry Wind 
Connectors, Wood Panel 
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Photography by Teru Onishi